Sarah Beganskas

DEWN (2021)

Applied hydrologist, Postdoctoral Fellow

Temple University

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Personal pronouns: She, her, hers

Sarah Beganskas is a scientist who is enthusiastic about addressing water resource management challenges and engaging communities in this effort. She has 8 years of experience conducting applied research in collaboration with local agencies and widely sharing scientific findings.

As a postdoctoral fellow at Temple University, her current work focuses on mitigating sediment pollution and high temperatures in urban streams around Philadelphia. Sarah earned her PhD in Hydrology from the University of California Santa Cruz, where she spent 6 years advancing methods to improve groundwater supply and quality in Central Coastal California. She holds BA degrees in Computer Science and Geology from Amherst College.

Outside of science, Sarah is also passionate about creating inclusive communities and professional development opportunities for students and postdocs. She has co-founded and led two groups with similar goals: GEODES (Geologists Encouraging Openness and Diversity in Earth Science) at UC Santa Cruz and TUPA (Temple University Postdoctoral Association) at Temple.