Kayley Bateman

PRN (2020)

Zoo Keeper

San Francisco Zoo

San Francisco, California

Personal pronouns: She, her, hers

Kayley Bateman is currently a lead zookeeper at the San Francisco Zoo where she oversees the daily husbandry and care of several carnivore species. Kayley recently received her Master's degree in Biology. Through her studies, she has worked to support the conservation of native California species such as yellow-legged frogs and western pond turtles. Kayley describes herself as a lifelong learner and achiever and hopes to continue her work in and among organizations whose mission is environmental preservation, scientific advancement, and public education. Kayley serves as the Events Coordinator for the American Association of Zoo Keepers' "Trees For You and Me," a conservation program that funds tree planting projects in areas devastated by deforestation. She also volunteers her time with the local American Association of Zookeepers chapter as the group's Communications Liaison.