Neil Chambers

National (2006)

Neil Chambers is the CEO and Founder of Chambers Design, Inc, a design and consulting studio that focuses on green buildings, infrastructure, master planning and habitat restoration as well as a veteran of green design with more than 15 years experience. He has a unique perspective of the many sides to design, construction and architecture. Called a "green design guru at the forefront of a new movement to make urban centers environmentally sustainable", Neil's accomplishments read like a "to-do" list to save the planet. His passion lays in directing teams toward the most cost-effective and creative green solutions for all building types. Innovative, he feels new areas within green building are emerging and that design is no longer about form or function, but rather sustainability, ecology and energy. Neil has taught at New York University and the Fashion Institute of Technology. He is the author of forthcoming book Urban Green: Architecture for the Future published by Palgrave/MacMillan.