Kari Carney

National (2002)

Executive Director

1000 Friends of Iowa

Norwalk, Iowa

Kari has 25 years experience working in nonprofits around environmental, economic, and social justice issues in various leadership roles. Since 2015, Kari has worked as the Executive Director of 1000 Friends of Iowa, an organization focused on responsible and equitable land use, sustainable development, and the intersection of climate change. Kari works with everyday people, businesses, and state and local officials to accomplish their goals. In the past few years, 1000 Friends of Iowa has worked to for local climate and sustainability committees in numerous communities. These committees have had great success at winning much needed changes to zoning codes and comprehensive plans, winning the first of its kind 24/7 100% carbon free resolutions, energy and water benchmarking ordinances, top soil protection rules, and much more. In addition to her work with 1000 Friends, Kari and her partner Kevin have a small farm where Kari raises a small flock of North Country Cheviot sheep and trains her border collies as working sheepdogs.