Steve Weinberg

ERN (2004)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Steve Weinberg has provided expert leadership for all kinds and sizes of businesses and non-profits for over 25 years.
His sales agency, National Foundry Products, Inc., is a founding B-Corporation and a platform for Steve’s sustainability work. Steve owns, and has run, NFP since 1994, leading the company to more than quadruple its gross sales to $30 million by 2006. 
Other business experience:

Sun Farm Network – board member and investor (current), in one of NJ’s leading solar developers.  Sun Farm  is recognized as having pioneered solar financing that eliminated up-front payments to end users and allowed solar to be purchased through monthly payments in proportion to production.  Sun Farm was the first to use SRECs to finance solar projects.  In 2008 Sun Farm received the Clean Energy Innovator of the Year award from the NJ BPU.
Green Business Village - In 2009, Steve co-developed this prototype on-line business incubator, with a mission to help entrepreneurs start and thrive in their dream green businesses, matching critical resources, knowledge, and collaboration.
Earlier, Steve was a principal in startups in the toy, electrical component, and metals manufacturing industries.  

Leadership of sustainability organizations: 

Co-Chair of Greater Philadelphia Sustainable Business Network – during Steve’s 2 year term ending early 2010, Steve led two active Boards at a time of rapid organizational growth with a doubling of the budget and increase from 3 to 10 staff.  SBN’s Green Economy Task force was credited by Van Jones for being one of the most effective coalitions in the States working to create green jobs. Steve was also founding Board member and Treasurer during his 7 years with SBN.
Co-Founder and Chair of Sustainable Mt. Airy – For 3 years, until 2009, Steve educated and organized community leaders to begin a community-wide sustainable change process, based on the Natural Step Framework.  Steve was trained to be a sustainability process leader by the founder of and inspiration for Sweden’s Eco-Municipalities, a model that is now growing on six continents.    
Chair of Alliance for Sustainability 2006 to 2008 – Steve primarily worked to focus the mission of this non-profit and develop the leadership skills of key staff. 
Co-Founder of Mt. Airy Greening Network (MAGNet) in 2003 – MAGNet created community-building events that brought together people across race and class lines.  MAGNet also introduced Freecycle to Philadelphia, which now has nearly 25,000 local members, and reuses tons of materials that would otherwise be wasted.   
Co-Founder of Sustainers, New York City in 2000 – Sustainers provided effective sustainability education and training grounded in an innovative sustainability framework and created a Sustainability Film Festival selling out New York’s Cooper Hewitt and Cooper Union.  A founding member started


The Wharton School  - BS in Economics
New York Studio School – One year of full-time studio work in painting and drawing
Columbia University - Graduate work in housing policy
The Future of Business – year-long entrepreneurial seminar
The Natural Step, and The Natural Step and Communities – training in the US and Sweden