May 27, 2015

Recorded April 29, 2013

St. Matthew's and St. Joseph's Church in Detroit's North End

FOOD JUSTICE: We seek a food system that ensures access to healthy, quality food for all Detroiters. We believe in the importance of creating our own food networks to support the health and power of our community and our natural environment.

The People’s Platform is a broad network of Detroit-based social justice organizations, activists, and residents committed to bringing about just transformation in politics, economics and social dynamics through popular education, celebration, and political activism. We use data, analysis, advocacy and community organizing to protect and increase participation in the democratic process and to demand that state and local decision makers consider race and economic justice in their planning, funding, and policymaking decisions.

We believe:
Detroit is not a blank slate. It is not abandoned. It is full of vibrant, resilient people who look out for each other and are committed to protecting the public assets and resources we share as a community. As neighbors and residents, both new and long-term, we know what our districts need and we are working together to ensure that all of us—regardless of race, class, or neighborhood—have a meaningful say in re-building our city.
The People's Platform is facilitated by Building Movement Detroit

Music: "Genuine" by SAGE
Produced by: BRYCE for AEeTech Ed.
Composed by: B.Anderson-Small
Written by: D.F. Small
off the "Luxury Liner" ep by SAGE
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