Photo of Tia Tucker, showing a Black woman wearing long braids, tortoiseshell glasses, and a small nose stud. She smiles warmly into the camera.

Tia Tucker

Program Coordinator, RAY Fellowship Program


Tia (she/her) is a Black woman raised in a small town in Georgia, where sustainability was and is an integral aspect of her life. In fact, before the tagline of, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” was ever thought of, its components were already ingrained within the daily life of her culture. From utilizing every part of the animal to reusing containers, the objective from the start was to make every bit count, as in doing so commemorated the work and sacrifices that allowed us to have those items. As she’s matured and developed further into adulthood, Tia’s realized just how much of an impact she has in her community and has aimed to engage others in conversations around many topics.

With a background in management and library and information science and working as a Librarian at a public university, she couldn’t have been in a better location to actively participate in creating a more informed public. Knowing from experience that the most emphasized hindrance for wider participation was the lack of information, whether it be lack of access and/or them not knowing where to start, Tia’s  goal as the head of her department was to understand those shortcomings and meet the students where they were. Being that most of her experience is with higher education and her local population, Tia has served a very diverse demographic. Being a researcher and learner at heart led Tia to the RAY Fellowship Program team. Admittedly having a rudimentary understanding of clean energy and conservation, Tia hopes to gain a better understanding for the Fellows and her community.

Outside of the RAY Fellowship, Tia spends the majority of her time being bossed around by the 8 wild beasts in her home (her amazing, cute, and so so adorable domesticated wolves).