Photo Maya Higgins (a white woman with long strawberry blonde hair smiling)

Maya Higgins



Maya’s (she/her) heart lies in the American Southwest where she resides in her hometown on the unceded Pueblo land also known as Albuquerque, New Mexico. Maya enjoys testing the spice tolerance of her taste buds, frolicking (well, mostly napping) in the outdoors, befriending random dogs on walks, borrowing multiple books from the public library at once, riding her bicycle in costume, gathering at a local queer farm, and writing absurdly long run-on sentences about her hobbies. Her brain is constantly pondering the ways in which we gather, her body is always seeking ways to listen more deeply to the land, and her heart regularly pulls her towards community-building and collective care. Maya is a trained facilitator, mediator, educator, organizer, and network weaver. Throughout her life, Maya has consistently focused on connecting and supporting those working to take effective action centered around justice, the climate crisis, public & mental health, and the natural world. Maya enjoys collaborating with others to design learning experiences focused on strengthening human connections, deepening an understanding of identity and leadership abilities, and harnessing the power of community and collective action. In past lives, Maya has worked in the realms of youth climate activism, experiential education, environmental science, and storytelling.