Photo of A'Nova shows a white woman with shoulder length brown hair, wearing glasses, and smiling in front of a field of tall grass

A'Nova Ettien

Director of Development & Communications


A’Nova (she/her) collaborates with team members across ELP on mission-driven program development and fundraising efforts, communication, and on evaluation and continuous improvement. She also supports program delivery and facilitation for some regional fellowship programs. On the funding side, her role includes coordination and management of grants, funding partnerships, and individual giving. She finds deep resonance in the principles of Community Centric Fundraising. Her broader work supports understanding, focusing, and communicating the evolving impact of our programs. She is most energized by ELP's commitment to deepening equity-centering and anti-racism work in our organization and our programs. She brings more than 20 years of experience in a wide range of fields (including print journalism, education, international and domestic public health, food service, new-parent education, academic research, and non-profit fundraising, operations, and strategy). A'Nova earned a B.A. in English from Reed College and a Master's degree in Public Health from Boston University with a dual concentration in Maternal & Child Health and in Health Law, Bioethics, & Human Rights. She has always been deeply compelled by the interconnectedness of things, and believes this is an essential perspective to maintain-- especially in our present world where so many things are treated as being separate and independent despite overwhelming evidence that all systems are inextricably linked.

A’Nova is also a parent (bio and step), a sister, a third-generation hand knitter, a volunteer doula, a longtime learner of Spanish, and a staunch defender of the Oxford (or serial) comma. A’Nova loves things that are both beautiful and functional —from textiles, ceramics, and language, to engaging spaces and simple, brilliant ideas. She tries hard to spend time outside with her family every day.